Tevia’s Corner

Tevia’s Corner

Fitness for me has changed my life on every level. I can’t believe that at age 43 that I am in better shape and stronger than when I

was 30. I never imagined that I would own a gym and teach spinning at 43 either. I also never imagined that at 41 I would be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

My passion for spinning gave me the opportunity to be stronger both physically and emotionally which became my foundation once diagnosed with MS. After being diagnosed I went from teaching 5 classes a week to 8 classes a week. Both physically and emotionally I chose to become stronger knowing that if I didn’t have the tools to deal with this disease it would have never come my way.

There is a new era of fitness emerging and it is not just about the body. It taps into how you feel and how to feel good at every stage of your fitness level. There is no pill, supplement or deprivation that can lead you there, it is simply by doing things both physically and emotionally that make you feel good. Just as with life, fitness and feeling good are about choices that support those things. I always have said that how you workout is often symbolic of how you live your life. It is where we settle, where we do less, where we know we can do better and how we chose the comfort zone over changing our behavior, outlook and way we experience life. I say that we all should get a little uncomfortable and begin to experience life for all it has to offer and that is all good!

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